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Service Areas on NeedANotary.Com

Hi Everyone!

NAN has been actively seeking notaries to sign up for the website as part of our Phase 1 process to obtain coverage for Customers seeking your notary service.

We are gaining momentum!  Yay!

In this article, I will give some insight on how you can set up your Service Area to accurately identify the area you cover so that NAN will provide you customer requests that match your area of coverage.

The Service Area is located under “Your Info” section of your account.

Service Area

When you sign up, the zip code you enter automatically is entered into your service area database.  Each zip code entered is coded to cover a 5-mile radius.  To understand what a 5-mile radius might cover, here is an example of a 5-mile radius for zip code 90001 (this is taken from Free Maps Tools which is a really great free resource):

You can see that a 5-mile radius of zip code 90001 also covers other zip codes (and in this example, it also covers cities other than Los Angeles).

NeedANotary.Com allows you to add as many zip codes as you like to help you expand your coverage area. You can do this on the Service Area section of your NAN account.

Service Area add

You can use the Free Map Tools site to query your particular zip codes and see how multiple zip codes will overlap to cover the entire area you want to service.  Then add those zip codes to your Service Area and WALA! you will be set to receive requests from Customers seeking notaries in that area!


Notary Registration

Order processing on NeedANotary.Com










Once the customer has reviewed all offers and makes a selection, the customer will be prompted to pay for the service. Once payment has been transmitted, the customer and the notary will be notified via email, text, and on their NAN accounts.








Stripe indicates it takes about 2 business days to process the payment from Stripe and into your bank account. There are no transfer charges for this transaction. There may be ways to have an immediate transfer into your account, but there is a fee to do so. NAN has not programmed Stripe to do that at this time.