Introducing Mileage2Go.Com – Get your Mileage Deduction using your Google Calendar!

Mileage2Go is a great tool to calculate mileage for tax deductions and for expense reports.

Mileage2Go uses your Google Calendar entries and calculates the mileage to and from a starting point you select. You don’t have to remember to turn anything on or off when you are traveling. You don’t have to look up every distance between two appointments. Simply log the event on your Google Calendar. When you are ready to figure out your mileage, simply sign into your Mileage2Go account, select your starting point and the timeframe you want to use and Mileage2Go will create a report of the trips you’ve taken directly from your Google Calendar and provide you the mileage.

If you are old school and log everything on a spreadsheet, Mileage2Go allows you to upload spreadsheets to get your mileage. There is a particular format that will be needed, but it is possible to get your mileage using Mileage2Go.

Give it a try! Mileage2Go allows you to process 30 days free.

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